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Dear Parents and Players,

In addition to having fun, we want all players to be safe during league play, and with that thought in mind, listed below is some of the health and safety information for the season.

Cell phones - At practice and on game day, we ask all players who have cell phones to leave them with a parent or guardian.  Volunteers or coaches will not be able to store cell phones.

Check in - Game Day and Practice -Players will check in at the game day tent for game day and for practice.  It is at that time that a preliminary check for mouthpieces and /or flag belts will occur.

CleatsEither football or soccer cleats are acceptable, but no metal cleats are allowed.

Crocs - Crocs and slippers are not to be worn on the playing field.

 - Sports goggles are not required.  However, we want to remind everyone that accidents can and will happen and the result may be broken eyeglasses because players are catching a football that is coming towards them.  We also want to remind everyone that eyeglasses may fall off the face and could be stepped on so an eyeglass strap may be helpful.

Jewelry (earrings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, rings, etc.)
Players should not wear any jewelry to practice or to games.  If seen, players will be asked to remove these items to give to a family member.  Also, we do not have the ability to store, nor do we want the responsibility for these items, so we ask that players leave these items at home.

- The preferred shorts are pocketless shorts.  However, please remember that if a player wears shorts with pockets, the pockets should be securely taped.

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