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Q:  What is NFL Flag Football?
  • With 1600 locally operated leagues and over 500,000 youth athletes, NFL FLAG is the largest, most recognized flag football organization in the U.S.—and the only one where players wear official NFL gear.  As the operator of an official NFL Flag Football League, JCWF NFL Flag Football is a part of the NFL Flag Family.
Q:  Who can play?
  • JCWF NFL Flag in Alexandria, Louisiana is offered to males and females, age 4 to 17, and teams can be coed.  Whether you are new to football or having been playing for years, you will be welcomed to our NFL Flag League.  
Q:  What type of equipment does my child need?
  • The only equipment needed is the flag belt (comes with the jersey), a mouthpiece, and cleats.  In addition, pocketless shorts are the preferred type of shorts for safety reasons.  If pocketless shorts are not worn, shorts must be securely taped prior to the game.
Q:  Is there any out-of-town travel?
  • No, all games are home games unless we are attending a tournament
Q:  How much is registration and what is included in my registration?
  • Registration is $120.00 for all divisions except the Tiger Tots, which is $90.00 and includes Official NFL gear, such as jersey and flag and belt.  Disounts are available at certain times during registration.  However, there is an additional $15.00 fee during the late registration period.
Q.  What do I need for my child to register?
  • Complete online registration, including paying registration fee and provide a copy of birth certificate.  Age cutoff date is January 1, 2023.
Q:  Is JCWF NFL Flag contact or non-contact?
  • JCWF NFL FLAG is a non-contact sport. There’s no blocking, tackling, etc. allowed. Instead, players pull one of both flags off of their opponents.
Q:  As an organization, can I bring my own team?
  • Yes, in addition to individuals, we welcome groups and organizations, such as churches and schools who would like to bring their own teams.  However, each player must be registered individually by a parent or guardian.  
Q:  How many players are on one team?
  • All teams, whether formed individually or for an organization, should have a maximum of 10 players.  In addition, additional teams can be formed using individual players as needed for organizations who have more than 10 players but not enough to form another team.
Q:  How many teams can come from one organization?
  • We will not turn away any players.  As many teams as can be formed from one organization is accepted.  All are welcome to play.
Q:  Who are your coaches?
  • Parents and community members serve as volunteer coaches.  Before, during, and after registration, coaches are recruited.  Training is provided for all parents and community members who wish to be a coach.  In addition, all coaches are required to complete a background check as well as complete health and safety training virtually.
Q:  Who are your referees?
  • We use locally recognized referees who have been trained to officiate our games
Q:  What about playing time?
  • Our organization promotes family participation, family fun, and football fundamentals.  Playing time will be fairly allocated among players



  • The Experience
JCWF NFL Flag football is for you if you want your child to be involved in a recreational sports activity that is fun-filled and geared towards the child and the family
JCWF NFL Flag Football is a non-contact sport and as such, no contact, such as tackling or blocking is allowed

  • The Opportunity
Whether you are new to flag football and looking to learn fundamentals or looking for a way to enhance skills to eventually play tackle, flag football will provide you with opportunities to suit your specific goals
Coaches, groups, organizations, clubs, etc. are welcomed and encouraged to bring their own players to compete as a team
For those that desire more competitive play, tournament opportunities involving other NFL flag leagues are available

  • The Development
Anyone can play, no specific skill set is needed
Practice is usually one day per week and focuses on skill development


Q:  Which youth sports do you offer?

A.  The JCW Foundation's youth sports initiative includes recreational sports programs, such as developmental flag football and basketball. Our initiatives include males and females, and participation ages range from 4 to 18, depending on the particular sport.

Q:  Why should I sign my child up for your youth sports program?

A.  JCW Foundation, Inc. has an incredible organization based on mutual respect, positivity and parent and community involvement.

Q.  Why is your organization involved in life skills?

A.  Our goal is to develop our youth as athletes and as people, demonstrating skills that can be used on and off field in every day life.  However, participation is not mandatory to be involved with one of our other initiatives as each initiative stands alone.

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